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Calendar of Events

03/10/08 Freedom Library Des Moines

03/11/08 Waterloo Meeting

03/12/08 Cedar Rapids IaF Monthly Meeting

03/13/08 Des Moines IaF Monthly Meeting

03/25/08 Pittsburgh DCSG monthly meeting

03/15/08 Dads-Moms of Mich. Gala-Awards Banquet

06/13/08 Annual Fatherless Day Court House Rally
08/07/08 Mich. Equal Parenting Bike Trek Departure
08/07/08 Equal Parenting Trek

08/08/08 Adrian Michigan Shared Parenting Rally
08/15/08 2nd Annual Family Preservation Festival.



Robert MacKenzie is doing a Paul Revere bicycle ride to draw attention to the Equal Parenting Cause.