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Our group helps dads with custody and support.

We help dads and non-custodial moms to learn about their God given and constitutional rights concerning custody and child support.

We refer people to lawyers and other resources.

We study grandparents rights and false PFA/ restraining orders.

Paternity Fraud:

Would you tolerate being forced to pay under penalty of debtor's prison for someone else's bill for 18 years, especially when the judge knows it was willful fraud?

What would be your reaction if YOUR assests were illegally seized because your son is being dragged into divorce court?

Fatherless Day-Friday before Father's Day
Equal Parenting Rally on Fatherless Day at your local "Family" Court House

Friday before Father's Day at noon.

50% of marriages end in divorce
50% of the children will never see their dads again.
This is what has caused the epidemic of Fatherlessness.

Men go and die in wars to defend a constitution that "promises" equal justice under the law but divorce is not equal.

4 days of child custody for dad, 26 days for mom - that is not equal.

If men are not willing to fight for their rights to their children then they are not men.
That's why they call it land of the free because of the brave.

Fight the good fight.

Lord Bless and Keep thee,